Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Tess & Charlie (Part 1)

Tess & Charlie's day was PRETTY amazing...way out on the beautiful west coast of wales, I wound my way through snow covered mountains and down towards the coast, I should have known I was in for a treat. 

 On the morning of the wedding I drove, like a snail through fog so thick road signs were no longer a part of my navigation & my nose was pressed firmly to the windscreen as if that would some how help! I may have been a little bit worried! But I need not of fretted as the milky white melted away with perfect timing as I reached the beach to catch the boys on their morning dip...yes...these chaps were BRAVE (the thermometer in my car said the air temperature was a mere 9˚.... I was shivering at the thought of the sea temperature without evening dipping my toe in), it was after the 12th of April! Their adventurous spirit certainly set the tone for a day absolutely brimming with smiles, I had an absolute ball capturing it all unfolding and quite honestly I cannot wait to return to that little corner of coastal goodness, a truly special place for the wedding of these two very special people. 

Part 2 coming soon! x

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  1. What a gorgeous set of photos, the bride looks stunning, everyone is having a great time and the dried flowers are beautiful.